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Top Canadian and Brazilian Companies Announced at Brasil-Canada 3.0

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Representatives of the the winning companies, Deepak Dutt, CTO of Zighra from Ottawa, Canada (left) and Arthur Rozenblit of eStoks from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (right).

In a competition described by one Brazilian VC judge as the best pitch-off event he’s been to in Brazil, two companies have been selected for CDMN Soft-Landings and participation in Canada 3.0 2014 hosted by TRTech in Calgary, Alberta next May.

The winning companies are eStoks from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Zighra from Ottawa, Canada. The Soft-Landing and Canada 3.0 opportunity is sponsored by OpenText for both companies.

More than 180 high potential SMEs and startups from Canada and Brazil applied for just 20 spots at the pitchoff held as part of the second Brasil-Canada 3.0.  The trip to the event was sponsored by Brazil’s Comitê Gestor da Internet (CGI) for all finalists.  Brazilian VC judges for the event included Alice Neves of Inseed Investments, Dr. Pedro Wongtschowski of Anjod do Brasil, Humberto Matsuda of Performa, Ricardo Sodré of Project 1, and Franciso Jardim of SP Ventures. The panel selected winners based the strength of their business model, level of innovation, differentiation, presentation and team. In addition, the judges considered the companies’ potential for success within Brazilian markets and which would benefit most from the Soft-Landing in Calgary’s energy sector.

eStoks specializes asset liquidation and the sale of surplus stock of large companies. Through its services, companies recover investments in assets and liquidate inventory online.

Zighra plays a leading role in leveraging mobile telephony, collective intelligence, and implicit user authentication to reduce online and offline payment fraud and has operations in North America, the Middle East and India.

As the second year for Brasil-Canada 3.0, the event began at the World Trade Center Business Club in Sao Paulo on December 2. From there, they travelled to João Pessoa where they met with mentors, potential customers, and took part in a showcase with more than 1,200 delegates, wrapping up December 7.

“Canadian and Brazilian companies told us of a wide range of results from future meetings now planned with investors, to on-the-spot sales opportunities,” said Kevin Tuer, Managing Director, CDMN.  “In the weeks and months ahead, we look to even greater successes from the companies from both Brazil and Canada.”

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