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Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Factbook 2013

CIRA Factbook 2013
Research Topics: Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

“We are very pleased to present our second annual .CA Factbook, a compendium of facts and figures on the global Internet and .CA’s place therein.

This is the second year that we release this report as a public resource for Canadians. As the registry for the .CA top-level domain, we manage a key resource on behalf of all Canadians. We do this in a 100 per cent uptime environment, with security as our number 1 priority, and I am proud of our success in that regard.

While the domain name market is about to undergo a dramatic transformation with the introduction of hundreds of new generic top-level domains within the next 6 to 12 months, the information presented in this report demonstrates .CA is well placed to continue to succeed in the years ahead.

In fact, the domain name industry, in general, continues to be strong domestically, despite the global economic downturn. This is in part due to the fact that the Internet continues to grow, both in real terms, but also in importance to the economic, cultural, and social lives of Canadians.”

Read the report: CIRA Factbook 2013

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