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The Canadian Digital Media Network wants to become the online destination for all things digital media in Canada. Private industry, non-profit organizations and government alike are compiling data, surveying the digital media landscape and synthesizing this data into easily understood, compelling and actionable insights into where Canada’s succeeding and where we need to pull up our collective socks. But the data resides in many different locations, and isn’t easily accessed.



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We have created this research portal as a means of gathering all of the insights in these key areas in one centralized location.  In order to achieve the Moonshot goal, that anyone can do anything online in Canada by 2017, industry, government and academia need to collaborate and align to drive the commercialization of innovation that can help overcome the challenges in and exploit the opportunities available in five key areas. We’ve deemed these areas the “Moonshot 5″ and they are defined below.

  • Access to Capital

    Access to financial capital and investments required for technology and business growth.

  • Access to Talent

    Fostering the digital skills and talent required to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the global digital economy.

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity for Canadians of any financial status and geographic location.

  • Content

    Mobilizing Digital Content, from ensuring Canadian content is accessible to realizing commercialization opportunities created through content development or management

  • Productivity

    Productivity improvements through the adoption of digital media technologies and the infrastructure to support it.

Updates to come

Over time, the portal will become searchable, be categorized according to audience and continue to add new reports on a weekly basis. If there are particular subject areas you’d like to see covered, or statistics that will enable you to position your organization for success as we collectively work toward the Moonshot, please let us know in the comments below, or by emailing us at and we’ll source the requested material, or perhaps commission the development of research in that subject area. Your feedback is important to us and collaboration essential if this initiative is to have an impact on Canada’s digital economy.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Yes thank you for the portal, lots of great information! I agree with the RSS feed or email alert comment to the website. Also it would be great to have the month and date listed for when each report was published on the site. Thanks!

  2. Is it possible to get a RSS feed or email alerts as soon as the reports, research is added here. There is a lot of great content in these reports and thank you for providing it via this portal. This is very userful information for SMEs.

  3. Lillian says:

    I am actually delighted to glance at this webpage posts which includes lots of useful data, thanks for providing such information.

  4. Sean Catania says:

    I cannot express enough how important ‘connectivity’ is for a country like Canada. Being that we are a developed nation and are fundamentally privileged, one of the few perennial issues definitely are the shortcomings that arise from lack of WiFi and internet access points distributed across the nation. However, as discussed at the 2012 Canada 3.0 Digital Forum, with the proliferation and overall awareness of the importance digital media, increasing successes in technology and the assistance by our governments, we are definitely heading in the right direction – the 2017 Moonshot goal is attainable.

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  • Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.21.33 AM

    We Are Social Report: Social, Digital & Mobile in China 2014

    This report offers a thorough, in-depth review of all the key stats for the Social, Digital and Mobile landscape in China in 2014.

  • Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.39.35 PM

    PWC Report: Building tomorrow’s giants – 2014 Emerging companies’ survey

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Productivity.

    Now in its 11th year, our 2014 Emerging companies’ survey, takes a deep dive to outline the challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s emerging technology sector, as identified by its top decision-makers―the CEOs. This year we focus on building businesses with Canadian roots— and global reach. Canada is a great place to start a company, and a […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.43.42 AM

    Accenture Mobility Research 2014: Mobility Fueling the Digital Surge

    Research Topics: Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    Mobile, cloud, social media, and analytics are tools that have given birth to an age where technology has become the foundation of any successful business—a prime driver of market differentiation, business growth, innovation, adaptability, collaboration and profitability. In short, every business is now a digital business, and those in which the full C-suite understand the benefits of digital are those […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.23.14 PM

    Regus Report: Entrepreneurship: Flourishing in tough conditions

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Productivity.

    Given the key importance of entrepreneurship within the economy and even inside single businesses, Regus commissioned research canvassing the opinions of over 19,000 business managers and owners globally asking them about the state of entrepreneurship in their sector and which measures help boost innovation.

  • Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.44.00 PM

    McRock Capital Report: Industrial Internet of Things

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    “It took the internet 8,000 days to connect 2.5 billion people. In the next 2,900 days, 37 billion things will join the internet” – Cisco, Dec 2012 The Industrial Internet is made up of advanced sensors, intelligent machines, data networks and analytic software. We are entering an era where information technology is needed to maximize the efficiency of our […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.03.36 AM

    Pew Research Centre Report: Digital Life in 2025

    Research Topics: Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    Experts predict the Internet will become ‘like electricity’ — less visible, yet more deeply embedded in people’s lives for good and ill. This report is the latest research report in a sustained effort throughout 2014 by the Pew Research Center to mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web by Sir Tim […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.20.48 PM

    ICTC Report: The Appification of Everything

    Research Topics: Access to Talent, Connectivity, and Content.

    The number of people employed in Canada’s apps economy has grown to over 64,000, and will top 110,000 by 2019, according to analysts at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). The estimates and projections are contained in the Council’s second look at the red-hot Canadian mobile apps landscape,The Appification of Everything: Canada’s apps economy […]

  • network for business

    Simplifying Complexity – The 8 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2014

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    This year’s list of top sustainability challenges facing Canadian business reflects growing awareness of the difficulties of pursuing organizational sustainability in an increasingly complex global system. The leading sustainability companies represented on the NBS Leadership Council have made strides embedding sustainability in their organizations, reducing operational impacts and bringing more-sustainable products and services to market. […]

  • Deloitte

    Bersin by Deloitte – Predictions for 2014

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    2014 looks to be a year of global economic transition and recovery. While this creates new opportunities for businesses, it creates a new set of challenges for HR. During times of growth, we should focus on: Sourcing, recruiting, and competing for talent Building global leadership Reengaging the workforce we have. Since 2008 organizations have been focused on […]

  • digital customer

    The Digital Customer

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Today’s consumer is more connected than ever, with more access to and deeper engagement with content and brands, thanks to the proliferation of digital devices and platforms. Content that was once only available to consumers via specific methods of delivery (such as via print, radio and broadcast television) can now be sourced and delivered to consumers through their multiple connected […]

  • BMO Report: Use of Social Media Among Canada’s Small Business Owners Up 42 Per Cent from 2012

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Source: Small business owners in Canada are becoming increasingly tech savvy, according to a new BMO Bank of Montreal report, with social media leading the charge as small businesses increase their use of digital technology. The report also revealed: The majority of small business owners (57 per cent) use social media – up from […]

  • jobs and ops

    The Road to Balance: Creating Jobs and Opportunities (Economic Action Plan 2014)

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Canada’s Economic Action Plan is working. Since the beginning of the recovery, the Canadian economy has continued to create jobs, with over 1 million more Canadians working today than during the worst part of the recession—the best job creation record of any Group of Seven (G-7) country over the period (Chart 1.1). Despite significant global weakness emanating in particular from […]

  • Capture

    The Future of Digital Content – A France-Canada Summit

    Research Topics: Content.

    Held in November 2012, the France-Canada Summit brought together close to a hundred French and Canadian participants representing a broad spectrum of private and public stakeholders in the fields of music, audiovisual and interactive content. Over the two-day event, participants attended conferences and case study presentations and discussed the challenges facing their industry in the […]

  • Capture

    Bank of Canada – Business Outlook Survey

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    The winter Business Outlook Survey provides some positive signs for the economic outlook, notably for exports and investment, although responses do not yet appear to suggest a significant strengthening. For many businesses, weak demand and domestic uncertainty continue to temper sales expectations and expansion plans. Overview: ƒƒWhile not yet reporting a material pickup in past sales activity, businesses are hopeful that […]

  • trends

    Canadian Media Fund – Keytrends Report 2014

    Research Topics: Content.

    The Keytrends Report 2014 focuses on key transformational trends and market developments that are shaping, and will continue to shape, the content production and distribution industry over the coming years. The document also sheds light on how certain phenomena are evolving and analyzing the impacts of these changes on the television and digital media sectors. This document […]

  • ey

    The EY G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013: Canada

    Research Topics: Productivity.
  • ictc

    Mobile Apps: Generating Economic Gains for Creative Media Industries in Ontario

    Research Topics: Content.

    The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) released its report, Mobile Apps: Generating Economic Gains for Creative Media Industries in Ontario, exploring the impact of mobile apps on Ontario’s creative media industries. Funding for this study was provided by Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) , the National Film Board (NFB), and the Canadian Digital Media […]

  • deloitte

    Deloitte – Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2014

    Research Topics: Content.

    Billions will soon be sporting wearable technologies. Will this mean a more efficient personal and work life?  How will the decline of the voice call affect communication and productivity within the business organization?  Learn about these trends and other key developments in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions 2014. Deloitte’s TMT Predictions are based […]

  • eq

    Ecommerce Quarterly – More Bad News for Email?

    Research Topics: Connectivity.
  • Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 9.26.46 AM

    Deloitte Report: Disruptive manufacturing — The effects of 3D printing

    Research Topics: Productivity.
  • Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.36.45 AM

    Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight: Software-as-a-Service Analytics — Scale Your Way to Faster ROI

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Renting or leasing is en vogue. Increasingly, people do it to make a home, acquire a car, or access business software applications. For shelter and wheels, predictable expense is one of the key attractions: car leasing fees build in the cost of servicing and maintenance, for example. Burst water pipes and holes in the roof […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.30.36 AM

    McKinsey&Company Report: Corporate Bond E-Trading — Same Game, New Playing Field

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Connectivity.

    With a tumultuous mid-year 2013 correction in the bond markets heightening anxiety among corporate bond market participants, the industry continues to hold out hope that electronic trading (e-trading) will be the panacea for the market’s ills. However, new research from McKinsey & Company and Greenwich Associates suggests that full fledged e-trading in corporate bond markets […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.18.45 PM

    Nordicity Report: Canadian Interactive Industry Profile — Interactive Digital Media

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Nordicity was engaged by the Canadian Interactive Alliance (CIAIC) to prepare a profile of the interactive digital media (IDM) industry in Canada. In so doing, this study both refines the scope of the IDM industry in Canada and provides up-to-date data on the industry in 2011. This profile was principally created from data collected by […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.01.10 AM

    McAfee Labs Threats Report: Third Quarter 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    McAfee Labs researchers have analyzed the threats of the third quarter of 2013. We’ve seen several familiar trends; others are new: Steady growth in mobile and overall malware A sharp upturn in worldwide spam An increase in the use of digital currencies by cybercriminals to maintain anonymity for their illegal activities The shutdown of the […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.29.07 AM

    Industry Canada Report: Venture Capital Monitor for Q2 2013

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    This publication by the Small Business Branch provides current information about the venture capital industry in Canada. The series will track trends in investment activity, report on topical research and look at key technology clusters where investment is taking place. This issue covers venture capital (VC) investment and fundraising activity in Canada during the second […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.16.47 PM

    Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    As many organizations have learned, sometimes the hard way, cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. Hackers are increasingly relentless and often politically motivated. When one tactic fails they will try another until they breach an organization’s defenses. At the same time, technology is increasing an organization’s vulnerability to attack through […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 9.50.57 AM

    McKinsey Global Institute Report: Lions go digital — The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Our 2010 report Lions on the move: The progress and potential of African economies focused new attention on Africa’s accelerating economic growth, including its dynamic business sector and its expanding consumer market. Since then, the continent’s progress has continued, and its growth rates are now among the highest in the world. Today we examine a […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.28.57 AM

    PwC Global Innovation Survey

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Breakthrough innovation and growth explores the impact that innovation has on growth and examines how leading companies are making innovation work for their organisations. The report explores three key questions: How are companies using innovation to drive growth and what is the return on this investment? How are approaches to innovation changing, particularly in light […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.00.11 PM

    Aberdeen Analyst Insight: Hybrid Clouds — An Emerging Tool for Corporate IT

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    There is a continuing revolution in how IT deploys their enterprise applications. A number of years ago, physical servers in a private datacenter were the only choice. Today, the option of on-premise servers is joined by deploying applications in the Public Cloud – infrastructure owned and managed by third party providers. However, even this simple […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.07.30 AM

    Ernst & Young Report: Paradigm shift — Building a new talent management model to boost growth

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    If we had to establish a buzzword to define the future, it would be “growth.” It is at the top of every organization’s agenda — at a time when growth is hard to come by in most parts of the world. In today’s complex and competitive global arena, organizations need every advantage they can get. […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.54.24 AM

    PwC Report: Cyber security crisis management — A bold approach to a shadowy nemesis

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Keeping up with the cyber cabal to keep your business safe and sound “Everybody… has to be prepared to be hacked.” As cyber crime runs rampant, major cyber incidents and data breaches that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, are wreaking havoc on organizations of every stripe. According to one senior government […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 4.09.30 PM

    C.D. Howe Institute report: Equipping Canadian Workers

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Business investment is a fundamental driver of economic growth – a key reason why Canadians today live so much better than in the past, and better than people in less favoured countries. Comparing new investment per worker here and abroad provides a useful gauge of Canada’s relative prospects for higher incomes and living standards in […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.47.47 AM

    McKinsey Report: Open data — Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    It has long been recognized that free markets and free societies thrive on the free exchange of information. Transparency of market prices and of government operations are the foundations of efficiency and integrity, encouraging participation by market players and citizens, and spurring new ideas and innovations. Today, with massive computing power and data analytics, it […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.17.24 AM

    Statistics Canada Report: Individual Internet use and e-commerce, 2012

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    The value of orders placed online by Canadians reached $18.9 billion in 2012, up 24% from 2010 when the survey was last conducted. More than half of Internet users (56%) ordered goods or services online in 2012, up from 51% in 2010. In 2012, 77% of Internet users did research on goods or services or […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.19.45 PM

    Canadian Chamber of Commerce Report: Upskilling the Workforce — Employer-sponsored Training and Resolving the Skills Gap

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    Skills mismatches continue to challenge employers across the Canadian economy. Job vacancy rates remain high in certain occupations, and the outlook is for more of the same. The labour market reality is that supply takes time to adjust to demand. In the meantime, employers cannot afford to stand still. As this report reveals, employers are […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 9.32.05 AM

    Aberdeen Analyst Insight: Best Practices for Cloud Archiving

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    The decreasing cost of Cloud-based storage has made long term storage, or archiving files, financially affordable. In January 2013, Aberdeen surveyed 123 organizations to learn how they use the Public Cloud as part of their IT infrastructure, including a variation of Cloud storage – Cloud archiving. This report focuses on the business practices and technology […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.56.11 AM

    Capgemini Consulting Report: The Digital Advantage — How Digital Leaders Outperform their Peers in Every Industry

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    New digital technologies like social media, mobile, and analytics are advancing rapidly on the economic landscape. These innovations are used widely by consumers and employees alike. Facebook has more than 1 billion users.1 There are more than 6 billion mobile phones.2 Employees often have better digital solutions at home than they do at work, and […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 10.58.33 AM

    Accenture Report: Making Mobile POS Happen — Five Ways Stores Can Better Compete and Grow

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Traditional retail may be battling online shopping, but physical stores can also use new technologies to better compete and grow. Retailers need to invest now in mobile point of sale (POS) to keep up, not only with the competition, but also with their customers and the new technologies they are bringing into stores with them. […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 12.35.20 PM

    Accenture Doctors Survey: Do Canadian Doctors Embrace Healthcare IT?

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Accenture conducted an online survey of 3700 doctors across eight countries: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the United States. Approximately 500 doctors per country (200 for Singapore) participated in the survey, which assessed doctors’ attitudes and perceptions on the benefits of health information and communications technology. The survey was conducted between 16 […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 8.47.12 AM

    OECD Skills Outlook 2013

    It is no exaggeration to use the word “revolution” when talking about how our lives have changed over the past few decades. Today we rely on information and communication technologies and devices that hadn’t even been imagined in 1980. The way we live and work has changed profoundly – and so has the set of […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.13.07 AM

    Aberdeen Group Report: Omni-Channel Customer Care — Empowered Customers Demand a Seamless Experience

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Customers are no longer confined to a single channel or device to engage businesses. Today’s customer journey might start in one channel (e.g., web) and proceed through numerous other ones (e.g., social media, email, and phone). Furthermore, these conversations can take place across numerous modes of interaction (e.g., in-store/person, smartphone, and tablet) where each modality […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.02.22 AM

    ICTC Report: Canada’s Digital Imperative — Measuring Digital Platforms’ Labour Market and Economic Impact

    The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is pleased to present Canada’s Digital Imperative: Measuring Digital Platforms’ Labour Market and Economic Impact report. It demonstrates how the emergence and adoption of digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, and YouTube have created incremental economic opportunities. This includes employment creation, efficiency gain, cost reduction, revenue […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.44.46 AM

    CRTC Report: Communications Monitoring for September 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    The Communications Monitoring Report provides a window to the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors and is intended to foster an open and informed public discussion of broadcasting and telecommunications regulatory policies and issues. The CRTC invites Canadians to use this report to enrich their participation in the regulatory process

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.37.00 AM

    Aberdeen Analyst Insight: Who are the Heavy Users of SaaS Applications?

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    In January 2013, Aberdeen surveyed 123 organizations to learn how they use the Public Cloud as part of their IT infrastructure. A key component of the Public Cloud is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and this Analyst Insight will focus on the expanding use of SaaS as a platform for enterprise applications. Aberdeen has identified the heaviest adopters […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 8.42.36 AM

    Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    The Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update is part of the comprehensive Cisco VNI Forecast, an ongoing initiative to track and forecast the impact of visual networking applications on global networks. This paper presents some of Cisco’s major global mobile data traffic projections and growth trends.

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.28.26 PM

    Mowat Centre Report: Federal Government Supports for Screen-Based Content Production: Why Regionally-based Production Incentives are Counterproductive in the Digital Economy

    Research Topics: Content and Productivity.

    This report will examine the current state of regional production incentives. It will consider how they affect efforts to maintain Toronto/Ontario as the centre of excellence in the production of English-language screen-based Canadian content. It will also consider the management of related intellectual property rights. The findings are based on the author’s independent research, nine structured interviews with independent producers […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.23.31 AM

    ICTC Report: Canada’s Cloud Imperative — Improving Business Opportunities through Enabling Services

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    This study from ICTC explores the emergence of cloud computing in order to shed light on the opportunities and challenges facing cloud adoption. We provide a comprehensive snapshot of the cloud economy to help navigate the Canadian and global cloud sectors, and to provide policy-makers with data upon which to determine appropriate supports. This report […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.37.41 PM

    Industry Canada Report: Venture Capital Monitor for Q1 2013

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Canada’s VC market saw significant year-over-year growth during Q1 2013 as $460 million was invested into 138 companies between January and March. In terms of value this represented a 55 percent increase over the $297 million invested into Canadian companies over Q1 2012 (Table 1). Disbursement levels in Q1 2013 were also up 38 percent […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 9.43.13 AM

    KPMG White Paper: How insurance companies can avoid IT transformation failure

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    In the face of the intensifying need to drive growth, retain customers, improve product offerings, reduce costs, and gain operational improvements, insurance companies must build new technology‑enabled business capabilities. Unable to cost-effectively develop and operate such capabilities given their current organizational culture and their aging and overly complex systems, insurers are increasingly turning to information […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 10.35.02 AM

    McKinsey Global Survey results: Bullish on digital

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    As businesses continue to embrace digital tools and technologies—especially when engaging with customers—C-level executives in a recent McKinsey survey1 say they are stepping up their own involvement in shaping and driving digital strategies. This is vital to the success of digital programs, as survey respondents most often cite a lack of senior-management interest as the reason for an initiative’s failure. […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.27.03 AM

    C.D. Howe Institute Report: Predicting Recessions in Real-Time — Mining Google Trends and Electronic Payments Data for Clues

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Many official economic indicators are released with a time lag, released infrequently and often require revision. In this Commentary, I discuss new sources of electronically recorded data that are both timely and reflect the real-time intentions of millions (or billions) of agents. Specifically, I consider whether Google searches and the growth of electronic payments variables, […]

  • industrial-rd

    Council of Canadian Academies Report: The State of Industrial R&D in Canada

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Industrial R&D (IR&D) is the private sector’s investment of time and resources in the development of new ideas, technologies, and processes to promote business performance and create better products. IR&D also contributes to meeting pressing social challenges, ranging from development of new medical treatments to mitigation of environmental impacts to changing the ways in which […]

  • PwC-DM-and-animation

    PwC Report: The Big Table — Digital Media and Animation Incentives in Canada

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    In the past five years, consumers have seen an explosion in their media choices, propelled by the rise of the Internet and growing take-up of both connected and mobile devices. We expect consumer demand for entertainment and media experiences will continue to grow. For many connected consumers, content is becoming more portable and personalized – […]

  • CGA-trade

    CGA Issue Brief: Canada’s Global Trade Agenda — Opportunities for SMEs

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    While exports fuelled Canada’s economic growth heading into the 21st century, over the past decade, Canada’s export performance has been lackluster, in large part due to the strength of the Canadian dollar, poor productivity growth compared to other countries, and what Canada exports and to whom it exports, with the latter having the most impact […]

  • pwc-film-and-video

    PwC Report: The Big Table — Film and Video Incentives in Canada

  • mcafee

    McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    McAfee Labs researchers have analyzed the threats of the second quarter of 2013. Several trends are familiar: steady growth in mobile and overall malware. A cyberespionage attack against South Korea and a further increase in worldwide spam are further attention grabbers. The Dark Seoul attack against banks and media companies in South Korea inspired McAfee […]

  • ICTC-music

    ICTC Report: Music – A Catalyst For Technology Hubs And Innovative Talent

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    Music is a fundamentally human experience. From the time we are born, we respond to music and rely on it to stimulate our creativity, provide us with solace, distract us or unite us. The structure of music can be experienced emotionally and spiritually, or studied mathematically. Music is hard-wired into us in ways that we […]

  • deloitte-big-data

    Deloitte Report: The insight economy: Big data matters— except when it doesn’t

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    The hype around big data is enough to give anyone a headache. Some say it’s key to sustainable competitive advantage. Some worry there could be more risk than reward. And many have come to believe it can be tackled just by purchasing hardware and software. Two excerpts from participants in a recent Pew study on […]

  • DEEP-Centre-crowdfunding

    DEEP Centre Report: Crowdfunding: Catalyzing growth, investment and access to capital

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Through its role as a conduit for donations, loans and investment, crowdfunding is poised to play a significant role in financing SMEs. Equity crowdfunding, in particular, offers significant potential to open up a new funding source for entrepreneurs, and a new avenue for investment for investors. In so doing, this nascent platform will help facilitate […]

  • trust-in-computing-2

    comScore Report: 2013 Trustworthy Computing Survey, Part 2

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Less Than Half of Developers Use a Security Application Process comScore conducted the Trust in Computing survey for Microsoft to measure customers’ current level of trust in technology products and services in terms of security and privacy; and to identify where concerns may be slowing down technology adoption. comScore surveyed 4,500 consumers, IT professionals, and […]

  • trust-in-computing-1

    comScore Report: 2013 Trustworthy Computing Survey, Part 1

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Global Consumerization of IT Goes Mainstream: Most Companies Now Allow BYOD and Consumer Apps Computing Usage and Attitudes among IT Professionals comScore conducted the Trust in Computing survey for Microsoft to measure customers’ current level of trust in technology products and services in terms of security and privacy; and to identify where concerns may be […]

  • CDMN-National-Tour-Report-Edmonton

    CDMN National Tour Report: Edmonton

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    On June 27, entrepreneurs, mentors, and support organizations with ties to Alberta’s tech community gathered to discuss opportunities and obstacles at CDMN Canada 3.0: The National Tour, the ninth such event that CDMN has held across the country since the tour’s inception in 2011. The aim of the events is to hear from Canada’s technology […]

  • second-screen

    Canada Media Fund Report: The Second Screen and Television

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    Second-screen initiatives are today one of the most prominent ways to increase TV viewers’ awareness and engagement. Through simple social media comments and more sophisticated dedicated apps, the second screen caters to the needs of a vast array of users (i.e. occasional viewers, faithful aficionados and everything in between) in order to enrich the whole […]

  • IC-SMB-financing

    Industry Canada Report: Small Business Access to Financing: Request and Approval Rates, Interest Rates and Collateral Requirements (2000-10)

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    The Small Business Branch of Industry Canada has compiled and analysed the results of the Survey on Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Credit Conditions Survey to showcase information on small business financing activities between 2000 and 2010. Research and analysis based on survey data are important to policy-makers when developing policies and […]

  • IDG

    IDG Mobile Survey 2013

    Research Topics: Access to Talent, Connectivity, and Productivity.

    2013 IDG Global Solutions (IGS) research based on 25,601 worldwide technology professionals and consumers shows that across every corner of the globe the volume of people interacting with mobile is escalating. Whether on tablets or smartphones, at work or outside of it, survey participants consume all forms of content from entertainment videos, to product research, […]

  • ITAC gender

    ITAC Report: Gender Diversity of Boards of Directors of Canadian ICT Companies

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    The gender diversity of corporate Boards of Directors has been a widely discussed issue for the past several decades. There has been progress, but it has been slow. Some governments have proposed or implemented legislation to close the gap. This review was undertaken in order to understand better the dynamics of the gender diversity board […]

  • babycentre

    BabyCenter Report: 2013 Canada Social Mom Report

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    The Agenda for this report covers five topics: Mom is a social leader, Social powers her life, Different social for different needs, The most social consumer you’ll meet, Marketing to Social Mom  

  • mckinsey iconsumer

    McKinsey & Company Report: iConsumer: Digital Consumers Altering the Value Chain

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    Consumer behavior is rapidly changing, with “digital” activities growing rapidly in every sphere. In the US, nearly half (48%) of all the video we watch is now either “time-shifted” (using DVRs or Video-on-Demand), or “deviceshifted” onto our laptop, tablet or mobile phone screens. Music is even more digital, with just over two-thirds of usage from […]

  • Making Care Mobile PwC

    PwC Report: Making Care Mobile: Shifting Perspectives on the Virtualization of Health Care

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Canadians pride themselves on having one of the best health care systems in the world. But pressures on the system have government and health care practitioners seeking ways to improve our quality of care by providing more efficient, effective, and citizen-centred services. Canadians are choosing to connect with service providers online more frequently. They’ve adopted […]

  • deloitte_future...

    Deloitte Report: The future of productivity: A wake-up call for Canadian companies

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    A new study by Deloitte has yielded some thought-provoking insights into the source of Canada’s productivity challenge. Previous studies have shown that despite a strong dollar, low interest rates and a stable investment environment, many of our businesses invest materially less in the research and development (R&D) and machinery and equipment (M&E) (including information and […]

  • CBC skills gap

    Conference Board of Canada Report: The Need to Make Skills Work. The Cost of Ontario’s Skills Gap

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    Skills gaps cost the Ontario economy up to $24.3 billion in forgone GDP—a result of too many Ontarians not obtaining enough education to find employment in today’s economy. Skills gaps are projected to worsen if action is not taken to address them, and fears about a future of “jobs without people” and “people without jobs” […]


    ICTC Report: Strengthening Canada’s Digital Advantage

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is pleased to present the Summer 2013 edition of Strengthening Canada’s Digital Advantage (SCDA), exploring broad economic trends with respect to ICT labour market, technology developments, exclusive results from ICTC’s mobile technologies survey 2013, and more. Several developments and issues have recently captured our attention: ICT’s contribution to […]

  • OECD CO13

    OECD Communications Outlook 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    In 2011, the total number of OECD communication access paths was 2 066 million, or 166 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants. Mobile subscriptions represented 65.4% of paths, versus 64% in 2009, and traditional fixed telephony subscriptions continue to decline. Fibre broadband subscriptions grew at 16.61% year over year between 2009 and 2011. Greater use of mobile […]

  • KPMG mobile

    KPMG Report: The Mobile Revolution

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    There should be little doubt that mobile is a game changer. It is a rare business that is not in some way impacted by the opportunities and risks presented by mobile – whether they be new channels to market, creative ways of interacting with customers and engaging employees, or opportunities to drive cost efficiencies for […]

  • PwC gamification

    PwC Report: Solving Business Problems with Game-based Design

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    Few new technologies have entered the corporate mainstream with a label as off-putting as gamification. The term brings to mind employees wasting time playing video games. But there is a deeper, more compelling story behind gamification than most would suspect. A big part of that story has to do with motivation. A person on an […]

  • CBA report

    Canadian Bankers Association Report: Banks Increasing Credit to Businesses in Canada

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Newly released data, collected by the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), demonstrates that Canada’s banks continue to make more credit available to Canadian businesses to help business expansion and economic growth. For the first time, this report compares credit authorized and credit outstanding to provide a clearer picture of bank lending support to Canadian businesses since […]

  • GII 2013

    Global Innovation Index 2013: The Local Dynamics of Innovation

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Although the first half of 2013 has seen a pronounced economic uptick, the global recovery is not as strong as anticipated last year. Economic growth in emerging markets and high-income economies is uneven: growth prospects for many low- and middle-income economies continue to be good, but many high-income economies continue to struggle towards recovery. Economic […]

  • ICTC monthly snapshot

    ICTC Report: ICT Labour Market Monthly Snapshot – May 2013

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    ·         Want to learn more labour market details about Canada’s digital economy? ·         Want to learn how youth, women, and immigrants are competing in ICT occupations? ·         Want to learn about the hottest ICT occupations currently?

  • Google Nielsen

    Google and Nielsen Report: Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversions

    Research Topics: Content.

    Questions addressed by this report:   1) Where, When, With Whom and How often does mobile search happen? 2) Why? Understanding motivations. 3) What are the actions and conversions triggered by mobile? 4) How do people perceive mobile advertising?

  • IC report SME capital

    Industry Canada Report: Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing—Data analysis, second half 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Survey results highlight a continued increase in business lending activity in the second half of 2012. In total, lenders disbursed approximately $75 billion in new loans to Canadian businesses between July and December (H2 2012), compared with approximately $70 billion in new loans disbursed between January and June (H1 2012) (Figure 1). In total, 2012 […]

  • digital north

    ExactTarget Report: The Digital North

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    In The Digital North, we provide marketers with an overview of how Canadian consumers are behaving online. If Canadian consumers are part of the target audience for your email, Facebook, and Twitter marketing efforts, this detailed look at their habits and preferences will offer invaluable insights. In this report, we explore three main themes: • […]

  • E&Y digital

    Ernst & Young Report: Digital Agility Now!

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    Turbulence and disruptive change continue to define today’s media and entertainment (M&E) world. Early leaders in M&E’s digital transformation are challenged anew, as social media, widespread broadband availability, faster internet connections and the rapid spread of smartphones and tablets have changed the demands and expectations of media audiences and created an astounding variety of new […]

  • IDC Telus report

    IDC and TELUS Enterprise Cloud Study, 2013: Capitalizing on Cloud’s Window of Opportunity for Business Value

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    The 2013 IDC and TELUS Enterprise Cloud Study found that Canadian businesses are focused on improving customer service as well as driving additional productivity and cost saving improvements. Technology and the evolving role of the IT department are key to meeting these goals.  The second annual study of 250 business and IT leaders from large […]

  • mars seeding success

    MaRS report: Seeding Success: Canada’s Startup Accelerators

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Access to Talent.

    Launched in Silicon Valley less than a decade ago, the seed startup accelerator model has been adopted around the world. In Canada, over 30 accelerators and accelerator-like programs have emerged since 2010, with accelerators alone graduating over 400 entrepreneurs and 200 startups to date. The proliferation of accelerators within Canada—and elsewhere—has prompted some public debate […]

  • CWTA report

    CWTA Report: The Benefit of the Wireless Telecommunications Industry to the Canadian Economy, 2012/13

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    Over the past three decades, wireless communications has grown to become an integral part of Canadians’ everyday lives. Today, more than 90% of the population (aged 15 and over) uses a mobile phone, and millions of Canadians now use smartphones and wireless tablets to shop, study and stay in close touch with family friends. At […]


    ICTC Report: Canada’s Mobile Imperative: Leveraging Mobile Technologies to Drive Growth

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    In this study, we explore the benefits and costs of mobile technologies adoption at the enterprise and macro-economic levels; adoption and use of mobile technologies by employees; challenges to greater enterprise mobility adoption; specific costs associated with adopting, maintaining and upgrading mobile technologies; and, recommendations for enterprises and policy-makers to capitalize on opportunities and minimize […]

  • Industry Canada DTIU 2012

    Industry Canada Report: Digital Technology and Internet Use, 2012

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Canadian enterprises sold almost $122 billion of goods and services over the Internet in 2012. This total was just over double the value of online sales in 2007, the last time a similar survey was conducted. Three sectors, manufacturing, wholesale trade and retail trade, accounted for more than 61% of the total value of sales. Overall, 11% of Canadian enterprises […]

  • Sandvine GIP 2013

    Sandvine Report: Global Internet Phenomena for 1st Half 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    The Global Internet Phenomena Report: 1H 2013 shines a light on fixed and mobile data networks around the world, identifying facts, fads, and the future trends that will shape the Internet’s future. Within this report, we present a mix of high-level observations, regional-focused analysis, deep-dives into specific subjects, and educational tidbits. Communications service providers (CSPs) […]

  • Ericsson consumer internet report

    Industry Canada Report: SME Research and Statistics for Q4 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    This year-end issue of the Venture Capital Monitor covers venture capital (VC) activity from January 2012 to December 2012.

  • Ericsson consumer internet report

    Ericsson Report: Unlocking Consumer Value: Identifying the needs of today’s smartphone and mobile internet users

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    This report identifies six target groups who all use mobile internet in different ways and prioritize different services. These groups have been defined based on the results of qualitative fieldwork in Sweden, US, UK and Italy. Each group places a unique emphasis on specific areas of the mobile internet experience. In-depth interviews were conducted to […]

  • KPCB report

    KPCB Report: Internet Trends for 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.
  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    Réseau canadien des médias numériques: Rapport Canada 3.0 2013

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    CDMN Canada 3.0 2013  : Courtiser le monde Non seulement les médias numériques permettent aux Canadiens de faire tout ce qu’ils souhaitent en ligne, mais ils créent également pour nos motivateurs et nos entrepreneurs amplement d’occasions d’habiliter le reste du monde à en faire de même. En 2009, le Réseau canadien des médias numériques a […]

  • DEEP-Centre-Employment-Innovation-Growth-April-2013

    DEEP Centre Report: Employment, Innovation and Growth: Analyzing the Health of Canada’s Economic Ecosystem

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Where does economic and employment growth in a modern economy come from? How do firm size, age and industry influence overall economic performance? And how does Canada fare on measures of international competitiveness? In tackling these questions, this DEEP Centre report on Canadian competitiveness provides stakeholders with a nuanced understanding of the key drivers of […]

  • deep centre SME report

    DEEP Centre Report: Driving Canadian Growth and Innovation: Five Challenges Holding Back Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Canada

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Access to Talent.

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are commonly portrayed as the backbone of the Canadian economy and heralded for their contributions to growth and prosperity. Such praise is neither surprising nor entirely undeserved. Collectively, one million SMEs account for over 99 percent of all enterprises in Canada and nearly 70 percent of private sector payrolls; yet, […]

  • CD Howe uni research

    C.D. Howe Institute Report: From Curiosity to Wealth Creation: How University Research Can Boost Economic Growth

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Technological and scientific research are crucial to long-term economic growth. Canadians are three times as rich today as 50 years ago thanks to new products and processes. The source of technological innovation is research and development (R&D), most of which takes place in the private sector of the economy. University research, however, is the source […]

  • PWC outlook

    PwC Report: Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2013-2017

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    PwC’s 14th annual Global entertainment and media outlook is now available, providing comprehensive consumer and advertising spend data to 2017. The Outlook is accessed online by thousands of executives across the media, technology, communications, retail and financial services sectors, and by some of the largest advertisers in the world. Outlook is a consistent, comprehensive online […]

  • Ericsson Mobility Report

    Ericsson Mobility Report: On the Pulse of the Networked Society

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Ericsson has performed in-depth data traffic measurements in mobile networks from the world’s largest installed base of live networks. These measurements have been collected from all regions of the world since the early days of mobile broadband. The aim of this report is to share analysis based on these measurements, internal forecasts and other relevant […]

  • Wavefront Foreign Equity

    Wavefront Report: Impacts of Foreign Equity Investment in Canadian Firms

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Industry Canada recently engaged Wavefront to undertake a study to identify and evaluate benefits and detriments of foreign equity investment in new and small Canadian firms, particularly focusing on innovative technology start-up enterprises. There is a need to better comprehend the challenges that Canadian entrepreneurs face in obtaining financing, their motivations in seeking foreign equity […]

  • Spiceworks

    SpiceWorks Report: State of SMB IT 1H 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    According to our most recent survey, many SMBs have seen their budgets increase in the last six months, leading to ramped up spending on end-user devices and cloud services. Four key survey findings: Budgets & Spending: IT budgets have seen a dramatic boost in all but the largest SMBs. The average annual IT budget is […]

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 2013 Report

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    Digital media is not only enabling Canadians to do anything online, it is also creating ample opportunity for our innovators and entrepreneurs to empower the world toward the same goal. In 2009, the Canadian Digital Media Network hosted its first Canada 3.0 conference in Stratford, Ontario. From this gathering of digital media leaders came one […]

  • MGI cover

    McKinsey Global Institute Report: Disruptive Technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    The relentless parade of new technologies is unfolding on many fronts. Almost every advance is billed as a breakthrough, and the list of “next big things” grows ever longer. Not every emerging technology will alter the business or social landscape—but some truly do have the potential to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people […]

  • STIC Rpeort

    Science, Technology, and Innovation Council report: 2012 State of the Nation: Aspiring to Global Leadership

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    The Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC) has been mandated by the Government of Canada to produce a biennial report tracking, assessing and internationally benchmarking this country’s science, technology and innovation (STI) performance. In this third report, State of the Nation 2012—Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation System: Aspiring to Global Leadership, we track where Canada […]

  • Accenture report picture

    Accenture Report: Turbulence for the CMO: Charting a path for the seamless customer experience

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Turbulence is the new normal for chief marketing officers (CMOs). In the face of increasing complexity in the markets and customers they serve, CMOs are struggling to keep pace with competing business demands, proliferating channels and partners, and a disconnect between the talent they have and the capabilities they need. But that doesn’t mean senior […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 4.29.32 PM

    Canada’s Productivity Imperative: Leveraging Mobile Technologies to Drive Growth

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is pleased to present this Canada’s Productivity Imperative: Leveraging Mobile Technologies to Drive Growth report. It demonstrates the emergence and adoption of mobile technologies, and the opportunities those have created for incremental efficiency and productivity gains, cost reduction, and revenue generation in all sectors of the Canadian economy. […]

  • PwC emerging tech companies

    PwC Report on emerging Canadian technology companies: The CEO perspective

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    “Now in its 10th year, PwC’s 2013 report on Emerging Canadian technology companies: A CEO perspective, takes a deep dive to outline the challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s emerging technology sector, as identified by its top decision-makers―the CEOs. Survey respondents include a national cross section of emerging technology companies from pre-revenue to $25 million in […]

  • MTM Social Network photo

    Media Technology Monitor Report: Social Networking

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    Summary of this report from Techvibes One in three Canadians check their social media feeds daily, accrording to a recent report from the Media Technology Monitor. More than two thirds of Canadians who use the internet are regular social media users, the report says, up six percent from 2011. And nearly two thirds of social […]

  • PrivacyinAgeofBigData

    Parliament of Canada report: Privacy and Social Media in the Age of Big Data

    Research Topics: Content and Productivity.

    In 2012, “The House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (“the Committee”) agreed to undertake a study on the efforts and the measures taken by social media companies to protect the personal information of Canadians, and to report the Committee’s findings back to the House of Commons.” The report contains […]

  • Q42012VCMonitor

    Industry Canada report: Q4 2012 Venture Capital Monitor

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    “Canadian VC investment activity remained at a steady state in 2012, almost matching the dollar value invested in 2011 while demonstrating marginal growth in the number of innovative company financings. Just under $1.47 billion was invested into the market over the year, a small 3 percent decline from the $1.51 billion invested during 2011. Similarly, […]

  • PhoenixReport

    THE PHOENIX REPORT Canadian Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital 2013

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    To understand Canada’s innovation crisis we need to move beyond the numbers. Most VC studies over the past decade have drawn conclusions based on capital supply numbers without further analysis of the core cause. In order for a country to be a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, three fundamental requirements must occur. There must be […]

  • NextBigBang

    Music Canada report: The Next Big Bang

    Research Topics: Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    “This report, commissioned by Music Canada, explores new strategies to support the ongoing growth and contributions of the commercial music industry in Canada. The music industry employs thousands of Canadians, including many young workers. They operate in a highly creative and dynamic field that has undergone massive changes with the shift to digital technologies and […]

  • Sage SMB mobile report

    Sage Report: Canadian SMB Survey on Mobile Devices

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Sage North America recently polled 476 small and midsized businesses in Canada for its Sage SMB Survey on Mobile Devices. The resultant report “showed that Canadian business owners find the use of mobile technology to have a positive effect on their company’s productivity. Eighty-three per cent of respondents said that mobile technology has had a […]

  • RHT

    Robert Half Technology report: Q2 2013 IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    “Seven per cent of Canadian chief information officers (CIOs) surveyed recently plan to expand their IT teams in the second quarter of 2013, according to the Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report. In addition, 74 per cent of CIOs said they will not be adding positions but will fill IT positions […]

  • BSA Global Cloud Computing scorecard

    The Software Alliance report: 2013 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    “Canada is a world leader in ICT adoption and innovation and has played a leading role in the development of international standards. It has a strong commitment to free trade and interoperability. Canada also has very strong privacy and e-commerce laws, although no modern cybercrime laws are in place. In 2012 Canada finally passed new copyright […]

  • EYGlobalM&Aupdate

    Ernst & Young report: Global technology M&A update

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    “Despite flatlining global technology mergers and acquisitions (M&A) volume year over year in 2012, Canadian volume was up 21% according to Ernst & Young’s Global technology M&A update. “Canada’s deal volume was very heavily weighted towards Q2 in 2012, during which time 84% of transaction volume for the year was recorded as the result of […]

  • 2013-canada-future-in-focus-download-thumb

    comScore report: the 2013 Canada Digital Future in Focus

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    “comScore presents the 2013 Canada Digital Future in Focus, its annual report on how the prevailing trends in web usage, online video, digital advertising, mobile, social media and e-commerce are defining the current Canadian marketplace and what these trends mean for the year ahead. Key insights from the 2013 Canada Digital Future in Focus (#FutureinFocus) report […]

  • OkanaganValleyTourReport

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Okanagan Valley

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    The so-called “sunshine tax,” higher cost of living due to the climate benefits of the Okanagan Valley, in stark contrast to the lower salaries offered, creates difficulty in attracting top talent Entrepreneurs and employees in the region work hard and play hard, with equal focus on business success and personal fulfillment Anchor companies like Vineyard […]

  • MtM 2013

    Media Technology Monitor report: Media Technology Adoption Fall 2012

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    “This report is a summary of penetration trends of many technologies measured by the MTM. The report covers audio and video technologies delivered over traditional, Internet and mobile platforms. The technologies are presented in relation to the different stages of technology adoption, starting with the Emerging stage and ending with the Decline stage.”

  • IC report

    Industry Canada report: Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing—Data analysis, first half 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    “The Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing is the result of a commitment by the Government of Canada to improve the availability of information about financing of businesses in Canada. Data are collected from 120 major suppliers of financing, including domestic banks and credit unions and Caisses populaires, representing over 90 percent of all […]

  • ConferenceBoard financing report

    Conference Board of Canada report: Financing Innovation by Established Businesses in Canada

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    “This report is one of a series of Centre for Business Innovation (CBI) reports that consider business innovation finance. It is concerned primarily with innovation finance by established businesses, from the distinct perspectives of investors and innovative businesses. A later report will consider the special problems of business start-up financing. Innovative firms usually cite finance […]

  • CBInsightsTechM&As2012

    CBInsights report: 2012 Tech M&A Activity Report – Private Company Acquisitions

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Access to Talent.

    This excerpt of the report highlights Canada’s activity in tech mergers and acquisitions for 2012. The full report is available to CBInsights subscribers. “The UK led international markets with the most private tech company acquisitions in 2012 followed by Canada which has a lot of momentum as of late on both the financing and exit […]

  • PwCinternetofthings

    PwC report: Internet of Things: Evolving transactions into relationships

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    “This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the impact of Internet of Things trends on businesses and the IT organization. It analyzes how businesses now have the ability to continue the relationship with customers after the sales transaction by helping them achieve the goals for which they buy the products.” Issues explored include: Using technology […]

  • CIRA Factbook 2013

    Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Factbook 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    “We are very pleased to present our second annual .CA Factbook, a compendium of facts and figures on the global Internet and .CA’s place therein. This is the second year that we release this report as a public resource for Canadians. As the registry for the .CA top-level domain, we manage a key resource on behalf of […]

  • TakingOntarioMobile

    OCAD U report: Taking Ontario Mobile

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    “Taking Ontario Mobile examines the benefits of mobile technologies for Ontarians as they work, learn, play, shop, seek care and interact with others. The report considers the disruptive nature of technologies and provides guidance and support for implementing mobile solutions, in order to enhance services for Ontarians as well as to improve their access to […]

  • DeloitteTMT2013

    Deloitte report: Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions 2013

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    “Our top 10 Canadian predictions for 2013: Over 90% of user-generated passwords will be vulnerable in seconds – what authentication practices could your organization adopt? More than 99% of North American TV subscribers will continue to subscribe – what group of customers should TV operators pay focus on and how? Two of the top three […]

  • BeyondtheBanks

    PROFIT guide special report: Beyond the Banks

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    “Banks are an important source of capital for SMEs. But they’re far from the only place where you can secure the funds you need to run and grow your business. These days, there are more alternatives to bank financing than ever before. Angel financing has become much more widely available thanks to the proliferation of […]

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Toronto

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    The final 2012 stop on the CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour took place November 21, 2012 at the MaRS Discovery Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Twenty-seven influential stakeholders in Toronto’s digital media sector took part in a half-day, invite-only facilitated workshop centred around our Moonshot-5 categories, but the core issues that fuelled discussion were the need […]

  • IDCCanada BigData

    IDC Canada survey: Big Data in Canada: Challenging Complacency for Competitive Advantage

    Research Topics: Content and Productivity.

    According to an IDC Canada press release on the survey,”Canadian businesses are at risk of falling behind international competitors in the era of Big Data. A recent survey conducted by IDC Canada and commissioned by SAS, has found Canadian that while 96 per cent of Canadian companies say the ability to process and act on […]

  • FastTracktotheFuture

    2012 IBM Tech Trends study: Fast Track to the Future

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Content.

    “This year, we delved deeper into four technologies that dominated last year’s results: mobile, analytics, cloud and social business. To fuel our research, IBM developerWorks teamed with the IBM Center for Applied Insights to analyze survey responses from more than 1,200 professionals who make technology decisions for their organizations – IT managers, business professionals and […]

  • ICTC Q32012

    Information and Communications Technology Council report: Quarterly Monitor of the Digital Economy Q3 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Productivity.

    At a Glance: • ICT output declines marginally in the third quarter of 2012. • Real GDP contribution by the ICT sector in 2012 Q3: $62.1 billion • Contribution to Canadian ICT GDP in 2012 Q3: ON $29.5 billion; QC $13.9 billion; BC $6.9 billion; AB $6.2 billion; MB $1.2 billion; NS $1.2 billion; SK […]

  • Top10canadianchamber

    Canadian Chamber of Commerce report: Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Productivity.

    “The first challenge to improving Canada’s global competitiveness is identifying the key areas of weakness. Over the past year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has worked with its vast network of members, both large corporations and small businesses, to identify the barriers that hinder our ability to compete. Those consultations with our members, third party […]

  • BillC11

    Government of Canada – Copyright Modernization Act

    Research Topics: Content.

    According to Matthew Estabrooks at Gowlings, “On November 7, 2012, the Governor General in Council proclaimed into force the majority of the Copyright Modernization Act, which was given Royal Assent June 29. This new Act brings significant changes to Canada’s copyright laws, such as an expansion of the fair dealing exception, the updating of copyright […]

  • Sandvine

    Sandvine report: Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H – 2012

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    “Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what’s happening on data networks around the world? Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report caters to that curiosity, shining a light on fixed and mobile data networks around the world, identifying facts, fads and future trends that will drive the evolution of network traffic and shape the future of the […]

  • CanadasTopR&D

    Re$earch InfoSource report: Canada’s Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    “Canada’s Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders posted a surprising 6.1% increase in their combined spending on research and development in Fiscal 2011. This counters a severe -9.4% decline in R&D spending last year and breaks a 5-year string of R&D declines. Revenues improved even more strongly than R&D among the 92 companies that provided revenue […]

  • ICTCReportOct2012

    Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) report: Employment, Investment, and Revenue in the Canadian App Economy

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Content, and Productivity.

    The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) just released a new report on Canada’s app economy as reported on CBC National and Globe and Mail. In the first study of its kind, ICTC has painted a preliminary picture of the apps economy in Canada. Its findings indicate that hundreds of millions in revenue are flowing […]

  • CMF-annual-report-ad-en

    Canada Media Fund report: 2011-2012 Annual Report

    Research Topics: Content.

    The Canada Media Fund, or CMF, “champion the creation and promotion of successful, innovative Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms through financial support and industry research. The CMF provided $358 million to Canadian television and digital media projects in 2011-2012, a six percent increase, from the previous fiscal year. This […]

  • Gartner_394x296_4

    Gartner report: Big Data Drives Rapid Changes in Infrastructure and $232 Billion in IT Spending Through 2016

    Research Topics: Content and Productivity.

    “Big data will drive $28 billion of worldwide IT spending in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. In 2013, big data is forecast to drive $34 billion of IT spending. Most of the current spending is used in adapting traditional solutions to the big data demands — machine data, social data, widely varied data, unpredictable velocity, and […]

  • StateofSTinCanada

    Council of Canadian Academies report: The State of Science and Technology in Canada, 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Productivity.

    A detailed understanding of the state of Canadian science and technology (S&T) is fundamental to decision-making related to S&T and innovation, and increasingly important in the rapidly evolving global S&T environment. The Government of Canada, through the Minister of Industry, requested the Council of Canadian Academies (the Council) to undertake an assessment of science and technology in Canada in order to answer the following question: What is the current state of science and technology in Canada?

  • DeloitteTechnologyandTV

    Deloitte report: Technology and TV

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    This report, prepared for the attendees of the IBC Leaders’ Summit 2012, has as a major theme, the impact of technology on the television sector. [Deloitte] analyse five of the current major dynamics being debated in the industry: the advance of connected TV; tech companies’ investments in TV; the symbiotic relationship between tech and TV; whether television is dead, and if not, why not; new content economics.

  • ca_future_of_productivity_puzzlepieces

    Deloitte report: The Future of Productivity in Canada 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Productivity.

    “Declining productivity is the most significant threat to Canada’s standard of living. Over the last decades, the Canadian rate of productivity growth has lagged that of the United States and other advanced countries. Consider these facts: – Productivity growth in Canadian manufacturing averaged 0.88% between 2000 and 2008, well below the 3.3% rate of growth […]

  • CIBCStartups

    CIBC report: Start-ups – Present and Future In Focus

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Connectivity.

    Increased connectivity will both allow and require small businesses to be more responsive to their customers’ particular needs. The development and design of new customized products will give small firms an advantage and, at the same time, put pressure on them to produce customized products with greater speed than ever before. Small businesses must diversify to a greater extent to maximize their ability to respond rapidly to new demands for products and services.

  • OECDsti-outlook-2012-mini

    Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development report: Science, Technology and Industry Outlook

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    The STI Outlook reviews the key policy trends and performance of OECD countries and major emerging economies in a number of areas related to science and innovation based on the latest information and indicators. The policy and country profiles in the 2012 edition highlight the expected contributions of science, technology and innovation to a sustainable and lasting recovery from the economic crisis.

  • MLI report 1

    Macdonald-Laurier Institute Report: Public Policy to Encourage Innovation and Productivity

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    The purpose of this briefing is to identify and discuss government’s role in encouraging innovation. While there are several issues that are particularly relevant to Canada, most of the discussion is applicable to other governments. This paper defines innovation as the introduction and utilization of new knowledge in new products as well as new organizational […]

  • pwc-business-insights-2012-10-en_standard_th

    PricewaterhouseCoopers report: 2012 Business Insights Survey

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Productivity.

    For the eighth year, PwC have gathered the opinions of successful Canadian private companies to find out their concerns, top-of-mind business issues and how they are thriving in today’s economy. 81% of total respondents are planning on growth and expansion over the next 12 months. With the grey cloud of the economy lingering, there seems […]

  • note1012_fr

    Montreal Economic Institute economic note: Is the Canadian Wireless Sector Competitive?

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    According to this economic note issued by the Montreal Economic Institute, “Wireless services in Canada are competitive both in terms of prices and in terms of the technology available to consumers. The networks have been extensively developed in recent years and the downloading of data by wireless devices has grown tremendously. Penetration rates for broadband wireless service are increasing rapidly. With the launch of high performance devices by players like Apple, Google and a few others, Canadians will continue to exert pressure on providers in order to be able to make use of the latest technologies.”

  • AlphaExchange

    Alpha Exchange report: Enabling Canada’s Technology Future

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Access to Talent.

    Through a review of academic research and interviews with 22 thought leaders in the Canadian technology sector, Alpha Exchange has scored Canada’s technology ecosystem on six functional characteristics: technical expertise, public support, regulation, finance expertise, management expertise and funding.

  • SPPresearchpaper

    The School of Public Policy research paper: 2012 Annual Global Tax Competitiveness Ranking

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Since 2000, Canada has been remarkably successful in building a more competitive
    corporate tax system, principally by lowering tax rates and broadening the tax base. Canada’s
    marginal effective tax rate (METR) is now the lowest, and hence the most tax-competitive
    among the G-7, the 20th most tax-competitive in the 34-member OECD, and 57th among the
    90 countries surveyed in this paper. The result has been greater investment and improved
    economic growth despite recessionary pressures.

  • ICTCQ22012

    Information and Communications Technology Council report: 2012 Second Quarterly Monitor of the Digital Economy

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    The total employment in the core digital economy occupations were 716,000 in the second quarter of 2012. Of them, 373,000 (52%) were employed in the ICT sector and the remaining 343,000 (48%) were employed in the remaining sectors of the economy.

    In addition, a further 291,000 workers were employed by the ICT sector in various technical, non-technical, management, and support occupations. Thus, the total number of workers directly employed by the digital economy – inclusive of core occupations throughout the overall Canadian economy and all other occupations in the ICT sector – reached 1,007,000 in 2012 Q2, an increase of 17,000 (+2%) quarter-over-quarter and of 35,000 (+4%) year-over-year.

  • NordicityCrowdfunding

    Nordicity report: Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    The Canada Media Fund (CMF) commissioned Nordicity to conduct a study on the topic of crowdfunding in Canada with a mandate to provide both an overview of the global crowdfunding phenomenon as related to the creative content industries and also a domestic environmental scan to determine what the demand for crowdfunding might be among content creators, how they might best leverage this type of funding and how it
    might fit into the broader structural environment for the creative content industries in Canada.

  • OCTIE study

    OCTIE study: Leaders to Startup Funding Success

    Research Topics: Access to Capital and Access to Talent.

    The OCTIE released a study, Leaders to Startup Funding Success, in which they seek to address Canada’s low rank in areas of open innovation and collaboration. They analyzed the flow of information and other resources throughout the community while observing relationships between the network structure and funding performance in order to recommend ways of improving […]

  • CanadaITReport

    Business Monitor International report: Canada Information Technology Report

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Productivity.

    This report provides independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on Canada’s information technology industry. Specifically, it includes a market overview, developments within the industry, and a review the competitive landscape while also taking a look at computer sales, software, and services. The report is an overall review of progress of and predictions for Canada’s IT sector.

  • CanadianCouncilofChiefExecutives

    Canadian Council of Chief Executives report: Strengthening education and research connectivity between Canada and Asia: Innovative models for engagement

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Content.

    “Education, innovation and knowledge are key drivers in the world economy. Led by China and India, the emerging economies of Asia have placed a premium on investing in higher education and on building academic and research links around the globe. Canada must do the same, embracing an international education strategy that recognizes the importance of […]

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Winnipeg

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    In June 2012, CDMN hosted its Canada 3.0 National Tour event which was hosted by CDMN node TRLabs, an ICT innovation leader in Western Canada, with regional promotion supported by Information Communications Technology Association of Manitoba (ICTAM), in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During a half-day of digital media strategy workshops, CDMN learned that increasing collaboration, fostering digital talent, managing security […]

  • WinninginaChangingWorld

    Gowlings report: Winning in a Changing World

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    Canada’s position in the global economy is slipping and a strategy for attracting foreign investment and driving global business is essential to Canada’s success long term in light of emerging markets globally. According to Gowlings, lead sponsor on the report, “Canada is uniquely placed to capture new trade and investment opportunities in emerging economies, much […]

  • c-ahead

    Lemay-Yates Associates Inc. report: c-Ahead: WiFi Usage and Trends in Canada

    Research Topics: Connectivity.

    To provide insight into WiFi usage and the adoption of wireless devices, Lemay-Yates Associates Inc. surveyed 2,000 respondents in IIQ 2011 and 3,000 in IIQ 2012 to facilitate year-over-year comparisons and to understand key trends while analyzing the usage of WiFi and of different wireless devices, including smartphones, e-readers and Tablets, across the country by […]

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 2012 Report

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    The CDMN Canada 3.0 2012 Report outlines clear, actionable recommendations to answer Edita national call-to-action across the key themes addressed by the Moonshot 5 categories. In addition, it includes a status report against the top priorities outlined in the report from the previous year. Canada 3.0 is about fostering essential dialogue about digital media in Canada, encouraging […]

  • LeadingThroughConnections

    IBM study: Leading Through Connections

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Connectivity.

    IBM’s study, Leading Through Connections, examines how business leaders are responding to the new connected economy. The sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres have changed the ways customers, employees and partners connect to organizations and to each other. Consequently, these new developments and changes have forced such organizations to digitize and adapt […]

  • pwcreport

    PwC’s 2012 Report on emerging Canadian software companies: the CEO perspective

    Research Topics: Access to Talent.

    While the digital media industry is booming with startups, a survey of CEOs at those companies reveals that they are having some difficulties accessing talent. In particular, the biggest challenge facing Canadian tech CEOs is finding and keeping employees with the right digital skills with 26 percent of the CEOs surveyed stating that talent management […]

  • MckinseyQuarterly

    The McKinsey Global survey: Minding Your Digital Business

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    The McKinsey Global survey, Minding Your Digital Business, revealed that most C-level executives are expecting new digital technologies to transform their businesses, but also that many believe that their companies are far from prepared in developing capabilities and meeting challenges. Though these executives do cite the three key trends in digital business— big data and […]

  • Spiceworks

    Spiceworks report: State of SMB IT 1H 2012

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, and Connectivity.

    In the last six months, SMBs continue to show their strength. Budgets and technology adoption are all on the rise, but at a slower rate than the previous six months. Mobile moves into the forefront as tablets gain ground and IT pros struggle to find the right approach for managing employee owned devices.

  • KPMGreport

    KPMG study: Competitive Alternatives

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    A study done by KPMG has found that Canada is the most effective country among the 14 countries examined to run a business in the digital sector. Offering the lowest effective corporate tax rates for digital operations, Canada is 7% ahead in cost competitiveness of the second placed Britain. Canada offers a friendly business environment […]

  • StratfordReport

    Stratford Institute report: The Stratford Report 2012

    Research Topics: Content.

    Released at Canada 3.0 2012, The Stratford Report calls for the creation of a national cultural policy roadmap designed to nurture creativity and innovation in the knowledge economy.  The report issues a challenge to the cultural community to lead the digital society, through the use of social media tools, to engage all parts of society […]

  • 2012_Canada_Future_in_Focus

    comScore report: 2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus

    Research Topics: Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    Canada Digital Future in Focus is comScore’s annual report on the prevailing trends in general web usage and demographics, social media, online video, digital advertising, mobile and search that are defining the current Canadian marketplace and insights into what these trends mean for the year ahead. [...]

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Calgary

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    In February 2012, delegates at the Calgary workshops emphasized the need to foster greater innovation in Canada, assist startups to secure deals via large corporation procurement, provide better broadband infrastructure, and improve access to early stage venture capital.

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Vancouver

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    In February 2012, a half-day of digital media strategy workshops in Vancouver focused on securing more affordable access to infrastructure, addressing digital talent shortages, identifying future opportunities and matching funding sources.

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Ottawa

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    At the Northern Canada digital media strategy workshop that took place February 1, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario, delegates emphasized the need to overcome constraints specific to our Northern broadband infrastructure, develop stronger bandwidth capabilities, facilitate e-commerce and e-readiness, and support digital strategies for Northern health care.  

  • SMEimage

    Strategies for Successful Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    Research Topics: Access to Talent and Productivity.

    Strategies for Successful Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, a study published in the Information Journal, explores Information Technology (IT) adoption among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). IT adoption and utility takes different forms based on the size of the business and so the research in this study aims to provide a better […]

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Niagara-on-the-Lake

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    At workshops that took place on January 26, 2012 at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, delegates emphasized the need for a consolidated national digital strategy, an improvement in the way that SMEs collaborate and connect via a regional and national network, and a desire to educate regional businesses on how to use social media effectively.

  • deloittetmt2012

    Deloitte report: TMT Predictions 2012

    Research Topics: Connectivity and Content.

    A study done by Deloitte that outlines the top ten predictions in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) has found that throughout 2012, Canadians will continue to go mobile and adapt newer technologies. The ten predictions are as follows: billions and billions: big data becomes a big deal, NFC and mobile devices: payments and much more, all […]

  • DigManifesto2_Lg_tcm80-100411

    The Boston Consulting Group report: The Internet Economy in the G-20

    Research Topics: Productivity.

    Canada’s projected Internet economy growth rate is lagging significantly behind those of other developed nations in the G20, according to a study done by BCG. Those other nations are growing at an average rate of 8.1 percent through 2016 whereas Canada trails behind at only 7.4 percent. In order to catch up to other economies, […]

  • NACOreport

    The National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) study: Investment Activity by Canadian Angel Groups: 2011 Report

    Research Topics: Access to Capital.

    The National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) study, Investment Activity by Canadian Angel Groups: 2011 Report, examines the activity levels of the visible Canadian Angel community in 2011 as well as highlights trends emerging from the growing data. The report also includes an initial analysis of the mode of exit and the returns generated by Angel-backed companies.

  • CDMN-logo-colour-small

    CDMN Canada 3.0 National Tour Report for Fredericton

    Research Topics: Access to Capital, Access to Talent, Connectivity, Content, and Productivity.

    In November 2011, a half-day long digital media strategy workshop in Fredericton focused on how to grow the appreciation and understanding of the ICT and digital media sector in New Brunswick – as it relates to building a national digital strategy. Delegates also discussed ways to close the significant productivity gap between New Brunswick and […]