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Building An Interactive Digital Media Team That Has It All

By on Feb 13, 2013 / Categories: Hub News

So, you want to put together an interactive digital media (IDM) team? Or maybe your whole business is one big (or small) interactive digital media team.  What skill sets and competencies do you need when putting this team together? The short answer is “as many as possible” but the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) has put together an IDM Team Competency Chart to help you make wise decisions in evaluating skills sets (whether it’s your own or another’s), writing effective job descriptions or helping educator/trainers develop curriculum.

But first you may be asking yourself, what are the functions of an IDM team?

This Competency Chart lists three main functions:

  1. Creation is the process of conceiving, creating and producing interactive digital media experiences from start to finish. Artistic and technical skills are included.
  2. Project management includes the directing, supervising and controlling a project from beginning to end.
  3. Business is all about the business operation at a high level; it involves securing and overseeing the financing of the project and ensuring its successful marketing and distribution.

The interactive chart can be downloaded in a couple of formats for $14.99, but we’ve included some of the pertinent information here.

According to the CHRC when “Generating an idea/concept” the competencies required by each of the above three functions break down like this:

WHAT NEEDS DOING                                              WHO NEEDS TO BE INVOLVED

Provide conditions for concept generation Business
Assemble expert work groups Business                         Project Management
Identify client/market needs and expectations Business
Assemble expert work groups Business                         Project Management
Apply concept generation techniques (brainstorming) based on a set of parameters such as benchmarks Business      Creation      Project Management
Stockpile ideas / discovers Business     Creation
Forecast cultural trends and market needs Business     Creation
Immerse oneself in a variety of cultural media                    Creation
Determine potential audience(s) Business     Creation
Research subject matter                    Creation


The truth is that each member of the IDM team will wear many hats. Finding multi-faceted, multi-skilled people for your interactive digital media team is what you should be aiming for – they are out there.

For more info visit the CHRC website.

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